Gone Fishin’

For reasons I’d rather not get into at the moment, I’ve found myself with significantly more free time on my hands of late. This has allowed me to spend more quality time with my family and, finally, get back to my current knitting work in progress.

I just started knitting again in earnest a couple days ago, but getting a couple hours in each day has already gotten me to the point where strands of the alternating color are beginning to emerge as fish: 

Getting Fishy

As this is my first time working with more than one color, I’m learning a lot about yarn management. There’s a lot of strands to keep track of on the wrong side. Here’s the back, for everyone who wants all the gory details: 

The Back

As excited as I am to be moving forward on this sweater, I must say that a part of me is dreading finishing it. I hate weaving in ends as a rule, but they might just become a nightmare on this project.