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  • Brian Sawyer 4:12 pm on August 16, 2014 Permalink |  

    Saving a Script: or, Bookbinding by Borrowing 

    Problem: A flimsy, saddle-stapled paper script in the hands of a nine-year-old thespian, already showing extreme signs of wear after only two rehearsals and without ever seeing the ravages lurking at the bottom of a backpack.


    Solution: Adding a hard cover (stolen from a book on hand) to provide increased support and durability.


    Maybe these reinforcements will help the script last at least a few weeks of heavy use, or perhaps even until performance time?



    This whole project took about 15 minutes, making it longer to describe than to do. And the best part? The spine still suggests something about an important element in drama (apologies to Hans-Herbert Kögler).


  • Brian Sawyer 11:10 pm on November 20, 2011 Permalink |  

    Kindle Fire: Out of the Box 

    Got a Kindle Fire? Check out my new 75-page ebook (also available in the Kindle store) to get up and running in no time!

    When you open the box for your brand-new Kindle Fire, you’ll find the hottest 7-inch tablet to hit the market, a power adapter, and a “Quick Start Guide” that tells you how to turn it on. But to really take advantage of all the content and features the device has to offer, you’ll need a little more. Kindle Fire: Out of the Box gets you up and running beyond the first “Slide to unlock” screen to unlock all of your media from the cloud in the palm of your hand.
    Whether your media library lives in Amazon Cloud Drive or on your device, the Fire gives you immediate access to all of it, wherever you are, as long as you know where to find it and how to consume it. With Kindle Fire: Out of the Box, you’ll jump right in to reading full-color magazines, newspapers, newly enhanced ebooks, and your own personal documents. Quickly download music from your Amazon Cloud Drive or new music from the Amazon MP3 store to listen offline, and get instant, unlimited access to streaming of over 10,000 popular movies and TV shows. And go beyond your own media to experience integrated email, games, Android apps from the Amazon App Store, and ultra-fast web browsing with the revolutionary, cloud-accelerated Silk browser.

    This intuitive, easy-to-follow ebook opens the world of possibilities made possible by the Kindle Fire, right out of the box.

    Next up: NOOK Tablet: Out of the Box.

  • Brian Sawyer 12:17 pm on October 3, 2011 Permalink |  

    Cooking for Geeks, Japanese Edition 

    I didn’t think it was possible for the Japanese edition of Cooking for Geeks to be more beautiful than the original, but, well …

    Cooking for Geeks, Japanese EditionCooking for Geeks, Japanese Edition
    (More …)

  • Brian Sawyer 10:50 am on August 11, 2011 Permalink |  

    Amazon Cloud Reader Is Indeed a Death Blow to Apple’s iBooks, but Not for the Reasons You Might Think 

    Everyone is calling Amazon’s Cloud Reader primarily a play to get in-app purchases on the iPad, but it’s much more than that. It means ubiquity of the Kindle platform across any new device that comes along, without requiring any additional app development. Amazon’s going to win the battle for the ebook space by being everywhere. (More …)

  • Brian Sawyer 9:53 am on August 9, 2011 Permalink |  

    Cooking for Geeks Anniversary Contest 

    Though it’s a little hard to believe, Jeff Potter pointed out to me that today marks the one-year anniversary of the publication of his book, Cooking for Geeks (which I edited). To commemorate the occasion, I’ll be running a contest throughout the day, based on BookScan data I’ve collected for the past 52 weeks. The questions will involve demographic details of point-of-sale purchases of the book in the United States, not the book’s content. For example, which geographic region bought the most copies of the book? Urban or rural? Did your city buy more copies than mine?

    Because it’s not as fun to see everyone’s answers in the comments, I’m going to conduct the contest on Twitter, though I’ll use this post for the questions, because it gives me a little more room to breathe. Here’s how it will work: for each question I ask (in a tweet) the first person to follow me on Twitter (so I can DM you) and reply (on Twitter, not on this post) with the correct answer gets a free copy of the book. Make sense?

    Stay tuned. The first question will be revealed presently … (More …)

  • Brian Sawyer 9:38 pm on July 15, 2011 Permalink |  

    Bind This Ebook 

    The biggest source of traffic (by far) to my humble blog has been the expanded version of my DIY Bookbinding article, which originally appeared in Make magazine, Volume 5. If you’ve seen it here before, I hope you’ve found it useful. Given its popularity, I decided it was time to finish what I’d always had in mind for it: to make it look nice in InDesign and distribute it as an ebook. My employer thought it was a good idea too, and now my baby is all growed up. It is finally available at a reasonable price as a pretty 32-page PDF, an intentionally convenient length (32 pages is an even signature) suitable for printing and binding on your own.

    UPDATE (7/14/2017): If you click through the last link in the previous paragraph, you’ll no longer find a purchase option for this ebook. Sadly, O’Reilly Media (for whom I no longer work) recently stopped all direct sales of ebooks from their own website, choosing to distribute only via their Safari subscription platform and Amazon. Because this product was always designed primarily for PDF format (and ultimately created in only that format), it was never available on either Safari or Amazon, which require different formats, which means it’s more difficult to find as an ebook. But thankfully, it’s still available at the Maker Shed (Maker Media inherited the book when it spun off as a separate division from O’Reilly Media), so if you’re still looking for a pretty PDF, you can find and buy it there.

    I’m actually not sure if I’m going to keep the content up on this site forever, because I like the finished ebook so much, but I also want people to use it, even if they don’t want to pay for it. I’m going to put off that decision indefinitely, but in the meantime, the same content lives here on my blog. If you want a more professional-looking version, something to print and bind yourself, or just a way to show me how much you’ve enjoyed it, you can drop five bucks in the tip jar and download away.

  • Brian Sawyer 8:13 am on March 3, 2011 Permalink |  

    My Geek Culture Picks for O’Reilly’s Ebook Deal of the Day 

    O’Reilly Media gave me the opportunity to offer today’s Ebook Deal of the Day. I picked my favorite geek culture books to be 50% off today only. O'Reilly Ebook Deal of the Day Geek Culture Picks (More …)

  • Brian Sawyer 5:01 pm on November 29, 2010 Permalink |  

    How to Make a Candy Cane (the Old-Fashioned Way) 

    Over Thanksgiving, my family made a little getaway to Stowe in Vermont. I expected the Ben & Jerry’s factory tour (and samples) to be a highlight, but I didn’t count on the fabulous candy-cane-making demo at Laughing Moon Chocolates. What follows is by no means a how-to (in fact, it’s quite dangerous, so please don’t try this at home), but it should serve as interesting documentation. Here’s how they did it.

    (More …)

  • Brian Sawyer 11:42 am on October 25, 2010 Permalink |  

    Split Hitter Android App for Runners 

    UPDATE: Split Hitter is now available for download on a “pay what you like” donation basis, all proceeds to benefit DFMC.

    My wife is a running coach. Because I get her services for free, I thought I’d give something back by creating something that might make her job a little easier for her work with paying clients. One of the tools she uses is as useful to her as it is cumbersome to handle. It’s a collection of running data that begins with men’s world record times at the following distances:

    (More …)

  • Brian Sawyer 5:31 pm on September 29, 2010 Permalink |  

    The Wipe It On Your Pants Dance 

    I wrote and recorded this song as both an inside joke for my son and an homage to one of his favorite songs, but I liked how it turned out and thought other people with kids might like it too.

    (More …)

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