Hyannis Marathon Team Relay

Feeling Strong (at ~8 miles, I think)Last weekend, Team Henry took to the Cape to run the Hyannis Marathon Team Relay. Though most teams relied upon different people to run each of the four legs of the relay, our team did it with just two, each of us completing a full half marathon. I ran the second half (which means I missed the thrill of the start but was allowed the glory of the finish line), while my better half, well, ran the better half (in terms of time). As a team, we finished in 3:42, which includes a first leg of 1:46, a second leg of 1:54, and a couple minutes to pass the baton and transfer the timing chip from shoe to shoe. Not too shabby, eh?

The Marathon MamaIf you’re interested, my running partner has a more complete (and more interesting) report of the event here. I ran my leg in large part as a way to help support her training for the Boston Marathon. Her leg was just another step in something much larger, running twice as far and raising money to support Dana-Farber cancer research. If you’d like to help support her, you don’t need to run 13.1 miles. A donation would be appreciated even more.

As a humorous aside for all of the editors, word wonks, and other sticklers in the audience (actually, you don’t need to fall into any of those categories to appreciate this), Kristina also pointed out a pretty significant typo (I was too tired to catch the obvious, which should tell you something about endurance level) in the four medals our team of two received: 


How far is a “narathon” anyway?