Editor/Author Relationship as Marx Brothers Routine

Sometimes, an editor/author relationship stands out as a model to emulate, while others, as well-intentioned as they may be, just don’t quite work out as well.

I’ve posted before about Merlin Mann’s description of our failed book project, in which he describes me as “a character out of a 30s screwball comedy.” But in the comments thread of a more recent post, he actually provides a spot-on illustration of the routine formed by him, myself, and his coauthor Danny when the whole arrangement started to unravel beyond hope of repair.

In the following uncanny preenactment of our travails, I’m the lemonade vendor and my coauthors are played by Chico and Harpo:

I hope you find this illustration edifying as well as humorous. I always knew that someday we’d be able to look back on our troubled circumstances and laugh, and I’m happy to see that day came earlier than I’d expected for me.