Productivity and “The Perfect Apostrophe”

Though Merlin was kind enough to leave my name out of his 43 Folders podcast on “the perfect apostrophe,” I am, in fact, the “very nice man whose life [he] temporarily ruined.” While he overstates the damage done by just a tad, his depiction of me as “a character out of a 30s screwball comedy” is uncanny.

But beyond my obvious involvement as a character in his story, it resonated with me on a number of other levels as well. For instance, I went through a remarkably similar process when planning to write this book:

Syntax Hacks

My problem wasn’t with the apostrophe, since I just copied it from another Hacks cover. My problem was getting the drop shadow on the title right–that, and not being able to get the fonts right on the tagline and byline, even though you’d assume I’d have access to the originals (you’d be wrong).

Anyway, I’ll also have to note that my book idea didn’t get beyond the cover stage either.