DoubleTake for Panoramas

I’ve been looking for a serviceable and effective panorama-creation tool, preferably free, but I just might need to bite the bullet and drop the $16 for DoubleTake (Mac OS X only). It’s amazingly easy to use, and it produces excellent results.

Take, for example, this image, which I carefully stitched together in Photoshop (a time-consuming process) and still couldn’t get rid of the transitions between individual photos:

Pond Pan

Now, check out the DoubleTake version, which I did in just a couple minutes of dragging, dropping, and saving (best viewed Large or bigger):

DoubleTake Panorama

Here’s another example of an attempt at a panorama with Photoshop:

Burges Pond

and its DoubleTake counterpart (again, best viewed Large or bigger):

DoubleTake Panorama

Though it’s true that the Photoshop versions would look a lot better if I had any skills, that’s hardly the point. DoubleTake is easy without skills and produces brilliant results.