Big Publishing News

My employer (a publisher of computer books, mind you) has just signed self-professed geek (he doesn’t just play one on T.V.) Wil Wheaton‘s new book, Dancing Barefoot: “five true tales of life, love, and the absurdities of Hollywood.” For those of you who don’t recognize the name:

Wil Wheaton may be one of the most unusual celebrities of our time. Born into stardom with the movie Stand By Me, and then growing up on television as Wesley Crusher on “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” Wil was in the spotlight nearly his entire childhood. Instead of burning out as a child star, he left fame behind and became a computer specialist in what Hollywood might consider the middle of nowhere: Topeka, Kansas.

Wil’s also an established blogger. See his own announcement of this big publishing news at his web site. His post is just a day old, and it has already received 391 comments and 16 trackbacks.