Kicking Off Thanksgiving

I’m officially signing off for the rest of the week. With any luck, I’ll be offline until Monday morning.

To kick off my four days of leisure, I’m off to my soccer game on its new night (on account of Thursday being a holiday). Wish the Professionals luck and be sure to check our standings* tomorrow. We’re currently in third place, and we’re hoping for a spot in the playoffs in a couple of weeks.

The Professionals came back from a 3-7 deficit to win 8-7 (with two goals scored by yours truly). With only one regular-season game left, our 4-3 record now statistically ensures us a place in the playoffs on December 11.

  • Go here and click Schedules and Standings. Select Adult Oct-Nov 2003 from the choose another session: scroll-down menu and press the go button. Then, in the MEN: scroll-down menu, select Men 25+ Div. 2 and click the view mens division [sic] button.