Pure Knits

Two years ago, when I was an editor at a craft publisher, I worked a photo shoot for a book titled Pure Knits, a collection of sophisticated knitting patterns using luxurious yarns in shades of only one color: white. We rented an RV, loaded up models and completed projects, and drove to locations at Crane Beach in Ipswitch and the nearby salt marshes.

Some beautiful photos were taken, many of which would appear in the final book, but my favorite pictures from the shoot are among the outtakes: Here’s just a sample:

Well, I was beginning to think it would never happen, but that book is finally in print. I received an advance copy this week, and I’m very proud of it on a number of levels.

Here’s the final spread of the project featured in the previous outtake video:

That kid is now two years older, making this book kind of like a time capsule for both a brief moment in my career history and my favorite person’s young life.

But I also invested my heart in this book and really felt passion for it as it took shape. The entire layout was completed when I left that job, but due to circumstances no one could predict, it looked like the book would never be released. I’m very happy that it will be.

I loved all of the projects (I helped select every one), but in the end, I liked one of them so much, I bought the original sweater from the designer, Leah Bear (“Isaac’s Aran,” shown on the right–it looks better on me). So, until November, I have a one-of-a-kind sweater, the only sample of this particular pattern, and I’ve already had two winters to wear it.

A part of me likes the original cover (shown on left) better, but I don’t know if that’s really because more than one project is featured or whether it’s just nostalgia talking. In any event, regardless of the cover, this is a must-have for any sophisticated knitter’s library.

I’m happy to have it on my own shelf, but I’m even more happy to have it on the shelves of Barnes and Noble, where I hope you’ll check it out in a few months and see for yourself. Even if the 25 original patterns don’t grab you, how could you pass up the cutest two-year-old model you’ve ever seen?