Sensual Knits: Book Release and Call for Submissions

When I started my current job as a craft editor, I was particularly excited to get involved in my first knitting book. That book, already in the late stages of production at the time, turned out to be Sensual Knits, by Yahaira Ferreira. Technically, it’s a January 2008 release, but it’s actually available now at Amazon, B&N, and select Barnes & Noble brick-and-mortar stores (and it should be everywhere very soon). Here’s a description:

Modern knitters are simply in love with luxury yarns and the stylish items they can make from these opulent, irresistibly touchable materials. Sensual Knits feeds their hunger for fashionable projects made with the finest merinos, alpacas, silks, cashmeres, and angoras. Beautiful models display the clothing, and every exquisitely photographed garment provides a stunning example of how classic can also be very sexy. A textured jacket features a nipped waist that hugs a woman’s curves, a bishop-sleeved sweater has a daringly plunging neckline, and there are camisoles, silky negligees, and evening dresses too. And be assured: these pieces will look great for years to come, not just for a single season. Any advanced beginner who has mastered the basics can handle these patterns.

And here’s a sneak peek, provided on the book’s product page at my company’s brand-new web site (update: more project photos on Yahaira’s blog):

Sensual Knits TOC

Sensual Knits Chapter Opener

Sensual Knits Project Opener

Sensual Knits Project Pattern

Though I came aboard just in time to catch the very tail end of the process for this book, I’m thrilled to be starting from scratch on the direct follow-up in what promises to be a fabulous series (see also Sensual Crochet, which is another January 2008 title available now). I’m actively soliciting contributions to this new boook now, so if you’re a knitwear designer and like what you see here, please contact me for more details.