Real Men Knit

There’s a new DVD out that asks and answers the rhetorical question:

Real Men Knit (by Brian Sawyer) If men can cook, garden and change diapers – why can’t they knit?

Real Men Knit might change your views on this ancient craft invented by men and will introduce you to a wide range of guys who knit – and are proud of it.

It’s hard to believe it was men that started the knitting craze! Real Men Knit will take you from the past to present, sharing lots of stories of “real” men across North America, who are proud to say they knit.

In addition to a 32-minute documentary, the video also includes a 20-minute knitting lesson (a knitted cap) and two 20-minute interviews with “famous” and “legendary” male knitwear designers.

Check out a brief preview here:

Real Men Knit Clip (by Brian Sawyer)

I’m a bit concerned that the tack taken tries too hard to “take back the knit” (my phrase, not theirs), claiming that knitting is actually a domain that rightly belongs to men (and even if it’s true that men invented knitting, it’s clearly women who have “started the knitting craze”), rather than just show that men are equally capable of knitting. I’d like to see more balance. I think the phrase “real men knit” is great, but if the content is really “knitting is really for men,” I think that’s as upsetting as it is foolish.

All that said, the DVD should be fun, even just for seeing young boys, grandfathers, and football players* all talking about knitting.

  • Though the football fanatic in the preview clip protests too much. I really don’t want to be grouped with men who need to say things like, “I can still raise hell and shout at the screen during a Packers game and knit at the same time.” What kind of message is that? Real men knit, but real men also don’t need to overcompensate and prove that they’re “real men” by acting like juvenile boors.