Handcrafted Cards from The Marathon Mama

Not too long ago, I posted a request for support of Kristina’s running of the Boston Marathon as part of Dana-Farber Marathon Challenge. In the short time she’s been fundraising, she’s been grateful for the tremendous show of support she’s already received, but she still has a way to go before she reaches her goal.

So, she’s resorting to craft to help shake the tree:

I’ve finally found a way to merge my sedentary and physical pursuits: crafts and running. To boost my fundraising and nudge up the reading on my DFMC thermometer (see my Dana Farber online donation page), I am now selling handcrafted notecards.

Shirley's Garden Notecards (by Brian Sawyer) Shirley's Garden Notecards (by Brian Sawyer)
Check out her post
for more details about the cards and how to order them, and stick around to browse her archives. She’s been an incredibly diligent blogger, with informative and humorous posts almost daily. Whether you want to learn what the hell a fartlek is, some important breast cancer facts, what’s on her iPod’s running playlist, or even why she runs at all, you’ll find a lot to pore over there already.

And, if she stays as regimented in her blogging as she is in her training, you should see much more to come between now and April.