Bookbinding Wiki

I’ve created a DIY Bookbinding wiki for the original, longer version of my “Olde-School Bookbinding” article in the current issue of Make magazine. While the editors did a great job of distilling ramblings that far exceeded the word limit I was given into a concise and useful article, the limits of space prohibited much of the additional description, background, nuance, and pictures of my original piece. So, I thought it was worth posting my first draft. What it lacks in polish I hope it makes up for in depth.

I also hope that this article will serve as a useful point of discussion for people who are interested in hand bookbinding, which is why I created it as a wiki that anyone can contribute to. Based on the huge response I had to the bookbinding Flickr set that led to this article, this seemed appropriate. I hope people find it interesting and enjoy contributing. I think there’s a need for a portal like this, and I’d love to see contributions, questions, or feedback from others.