DIY Bookbinding Article in Make Magazine

Volume 05I’m pleased to announce that I’ve written an article on “Olde School Bookbinding” for Make: magazine, which will appear next month. For my complete how-to, see the forthcoming Volume 5.

In the meantime, as a sort of teaser, this collage of photos from the article (and many others that weren’t included) is best viewed Large (or Original for a ginormous version), but the complete set is probably easier to navigate:

DIY Bookbinding for Make Magazine
I’ll have more news when the magazine hits newsstands, but for now, I’m not ashamed to admit I’m more than a little excited about seeing my name in print (as a writer, rather than as an editor, that is).

The new issue is back from the printer and Make has the complete TOC available online, including a link for my article.