More Gmail Invites to Burn

On the off chance that someone reading this does not yet have a Gmail account but still wants one, I have a few more invitations to offer. Now that Google’s gone public, I can’t imagine that these things are worth much anymore (I’m sure they’ll drop the whole invitations gimmick soon and officially release the darn product), but who knows? If you’d like one just a little bit earlier than the last few souls who don’t have one, now’s your chance.

The restrictions are the same as they were last time:

Okay, so I’ve already given out Gmail invitations to everyone I know who’s expressed interest in getting one. Now, I have a couple left, but I think it’s ridiculous to capitalize on the bizarre demand for a free service by selling them or swapping for them.

That said, if any of my friends, family, or cherished readers want them, I’d be happy to offer the invites I have left. So, let me know if you’re interested in beta testing Gmail. The only requirement I have is that I actually know you, either in real life or via my blog. If you can convince me that I know you, I’ll give you the invite. If not, please don’t bother asking. It’s that simple.

For what it’s worth, I’ve been using Gmail for a couple months now and really like it.