Crazy, Random “Chris Rock Thing”

Crazy, Random “Chris Rock Thing” is a true (at least, according to its author) account of a woman who gets Chris Rock’s old cell-phone number. Wackiness, of course, ensues:

CALLER: It’s Adam.

LAURA: Adam?

CALLER: [In a jovial manner] It’s Adam Sandler!

LAURA: [Realizes instantly it was indeed Adam Sandler — there’s no mistaking that distinctive voice of his] Oh, hi!




LAURA: [Overcome with sudden punchiness, from the craziness of one minute quietly winding down for bedtime, and then talking to Adam Sandler the next] So, are you calling Chris for business or pleasure?

ADAM: [Laughs, slightly taken off guard by this question, but still retaining his happy-go-lucky attitude] I’m calling Chris to say hello and chat. So… is he there?

LAURA: [Knows it’s confession time, but tries her best to retain formerly buoyant personality] No, well… he’s not. You see, I’m actually just this random New York City girl who happened to get Chris’ old cell phone number….

ADAM: [Lets out a big laugh] Wow, that’s really funny! That’s great! You must be having a fun time with this!

LAURA: As a matter of fact, yes, I am! And what also makes it fun for me is that coincidentally, I write true stories about my life in New York City, and this will be another funny, true story to write about… Oh, I have number you can call to reach Chris….

ADAM: No, that’s okay… I have another number… Well, good luck to you, and sorry to have bothered you.

LAURA: Oh, no bother at all. Bye!

ADAM: Bye!

If you don’t read the whole thing, at least scan down to read all the dialogue. The variety of people trying to contact Chris Rock, in addition to the exchanges themselves, are quite funny. (via Boing Boing)