Thinking Cap

After an extensive and fruitless search of all the brick-and-mortar stores in my area, I finally found and ordered the hat I want, in my size, online. Lids to the rescue!

The disheartening truth is that the major sports stores near where I live sell baseball caps of only two types:

  • Every Californian team
  • The New York Yankees

The level to which this disgusts me cannot be overstated. For some inexplicable reason, ever since 9/11, being a Yankees fan seems to have become synonymous with being a patriot. The fact that I’m neither is beside the point. Rooting for the Yankees is just redundant. I really don’t see the point, and it really troubles me to see the Yankees logo replace the American flag (though my problems with American-flag worship are pretty much the same as my problems with new meaning of the Yankees logo).