This project has become (by far) the biggest source of traffic to my humble blog, which makes me happy. However you’ve found this page, I hope you’ve found it useful. Given its popularity, I decided it was time to finish what I’d always had in mind for it: to make it look nice in InDesign and distribute it as an ebook. My employer thought it was a good idea too, and the ebook is now now available at a reasonable price as a pretty 32-page PDF, an intentionally convenient length (32 pages is an even signature) suitable for printing and binding on your own.

UPDATE (7/14/2017): If you click through the last link in the previous paragraph, you’ll no longer find a purchase option for this ebook. Sadly, O’Reilly Media (for whom I no longer work) recently stopped all direct sales of ebooks from their own website, choosing to distribute only via their Safari subscription platform and Amazon. Because this product was always designed primarily for PDF format (and ultimately created in only that format), it was never available on either Safari or Amazon, which require different formats, which means it’s more difficult to find as an ebook. But thankfully, it’s still available at the Maker Shed (Maker Media inherited the book when it spun off as a separate division from O’Reilly Media), so if you’re still looking for a pretty PDF, you can find and buy it there.

I’m actually not sure if I’m going to keep the content up on this site forever, because I like the finished product so much, but I also want people to use it, even if they don’t want to pay for it. I’m going to put off that decision indefinitely, but in the meantime, here are the sections of the original article to help you navigate the site:

  1. Introduction
  2. Strip the Existing Cover
  3. Create Signatures
  4. Prepare Signatures for Stitching
  5. Stitch the Signatures
  6. Glue the Spine
  7. Build Cover Boards
  8. Attach the Cover Boards
  9. Cover the Cover
  10. Finish Up