World Maker Faire, New York City

If you weren’t able to make it to Maker Faire this past weekend in New York, you missed something very special. I don’t mean to rub it in if you missed it, but I’m compelled to share my thoughts on such a fun, inspirational, and amazing event. I also want to thank my employer for both creating such a memorable experience and for making it possible for me to attend.

Perhaps I would have experienced the faire differently if I’d attended by myself, but I was thrilled to be guided by my impatient almost-six-year-old son, who couldn’t wait to move on to the next thing. A sure sign of a memorable weekend, after a packed Saturday, he was ready to go again as soon as the gates opened on Sunday. And you should have heard him on the phone with his mother (who is traveling outside the country) this morning. Here are just a few video highlights (i.e., what he told his mom about), in no particular order:

My hands were too busy to take more video than these (which is as it should be), but check out Laughing Squid’s gallery for many more highlights, including the Lifesize Mousetrap:

The big hole in Laughing Squid’s coverage is EepyBird’s famous Coke Zero and Mentos show, which I’m glad someone else captured here:

We (he) had only two disappointments the whole weekend: we couldn’t find the deconstruction zone and we didn’t realize the only robot ballet show was happening while we were watching the Mentos/Coke show. But we brought home some BlinkyBugs to make together this week to continue the fun, so all is forgiven. The memories will stick with us long after our new DIY robots’ batteries have died and been replaced several times over.

P.S. This dad captured a lot on video that I missed: