10 Questions (From a Four-Year-Old)

If you have a four-year-old boy, you may have seen this already, but my son tagged me and convinced me of the importance of getting answers from everyone to these important questions. So, here are my responses to just a subset of the questionnaire I take verbally pretty much every day:

  1. What’s your favorite kind of dinosaur? Therezinosaurus (a.k.a. “The Giant Claw”)
  2. Meat eater (carnivore: “bad guy”) or plant eater (herbivore: “good guy”)? Carnivore
  3. What’s your favorite flying lizard (not a dinosaur!)? Pteranodon
  4. What’s your favorite dinosaur toy? Walking Allosaurus
  5. What’s the best dinosaur thing you’ve ever seen? Almost-complete Triceratops skeleton currently on display at the Museum of Science, Boston.
  6. What’s your favorite dinosaur book? Life Size Dinosuars, by David Bergen
  7. What’s your favorite dinosaur movie? Chased by Dinosuars: The Giant Claw (A Walking With Dinosaurs Special)
  8. What’s your favorite thing about dinosaurs? They’re dead.
  9. How do you think dinosaurs became extinct? They were discussed to death.
  10. If dinosaurs came before apes, and apes came before people, what comes after people? Robots