Bookbinding Links Roundup

Glued TurnoverWhen I find great bookbinding resources online, I tag them in, but I thought it would be useful to others if I put the best ones in one place here, just this once, since I tagged most of them before setting up my automated blog posts from to this site. Here’s a roundup of the top 20 links I’ve collected so far (not including my own tutorial or photos, though some links may have shown up previously in my blog posts).

  1. Making a Casebound Book

    The best, most detailed online bookbinding tutorial I’ve seen (including, of course, my own).

  2. tobycraig: Book Assembly Photo-Journal

    A goofy little photo-journal of the book assembly of my stuff for the upcoming MoCCA show.

  3. Do-It-Yourself Book Press

    An amazingly detailed bookbuilding resource (via Craftzine).

  4. Book Binding Books

    Free online books about bookbinding.

  5. Three-Layer Star Book : DIY Network

    Deb took a bookbinding class and ended up taking apart all her books at home to figure out how they were assembled. In this segment, Deb makes a three-layer star-shaped book.

  6. Cafe-Kreativ: Bucher binden

    Great roundup of online bookbinding how-tos.

  7. Coptic Bookbinding How-To

    DIY blank journals.

  8. Fun and Easy How to Guide to Binding Your Own Paperback Books At Home … FAST

    I’ll show you a quick and dirty book binding technique you can use to turn your ebook into a real book with about 5 minutes worth of effort.

  9. Lay-Flat Bookbinding

    It seems like you can either get a cool cover OR nice paper (suitable for use with a nice pen) OR a nice lay flat, durable binding. I finally realized that to get all three requirements, I would have to try my hand at making my own notebooks.

  10. one shot tutorial – a photoset on Flickr

    Wanna make a neat, fun zine that only uses one sheet of paper? Of course you do.

  11. Make Blank Books, Sketch Books or Repair Paperback Books with a Simple Japanese Bookbinding Technique — a Tutorial

    Make or repair books with this easy technique.

  12. the0phrastus: Simple Book Binding

    I’ve been doing some simple binding for my own writing about a year now, and I think I have it down to an easy four step process, printing, drilling, sewing and wrap-up.

  13. Douglas W. Jones on Bookbinding

    This tutorial introduction is aimed primarily at those who wish to preserve the content of old pulp paperbacks by photocopying them onto archival paper and then binding the results using an archival binding technique, the long-stitch.

  14. Pennant Publishing

    I found a book in the local library which taught me the following method of producing a paperback from separate sheets of A4 or A5. I reckon it is suitable for volumes up to up to 2cm thick.

  15. Bookmaking

    How to make a simple hardcover book.

  16. Board Book

    How to make a children’s board book.

  17. DIY: reconstructed book

    What an awesome & useful way to preserve the great cover art of those vintage, hardcover books, that we treasured as kids. I picked one of my favorites, Nancy Drew & turned it in to this fun, mini, journal/sketchbook.

  18. The Bonefolder

    An e-journal for the bookbinder and book artist.

  19. Handbound

    A bookbinding blog with some beautiful specimens.

  20. Hand Bookbindings: Plain and Simple to Grand and Glorious

    Books as works of art, from the twelfth century to the twentieth.

Got any great online resources I’ve missed? Leave links in the comments!


As a bonus, here are some great finds from the comments and links followed from them:

  • TJBookarts

    Welcome to my Book Arts site. Please feel free check out the information pages and tutorials.

  • The Book Arts Forum

    This forum is dedicated to all forms of bookbinding and book arts.

  • Magazine Binding for Leathercrafters

    The method I developed and describe here, is completely my own and not traditional at all. It works best for binding magazines that consist of single (or multiple) signatures.

Thanks for reading and sharing, and keep ’em coming!