Hobo or Brawler?

Two of my favorite pieces of creative media consumed in 2006 inspired me to create this simple test for fans of both works.

Hobo or Brawler?For each of the following, indicate which name is taken from John Hodgman’s list of “700 Hundred Hobo Names” in his book The Areas of My Expertise and which are characters in songs from Tom Waits’ Orphans: Brawlers, Bawlers, and Bastards album:

  1. Lil’ Shorty Longhorn | Little Son Jackson
  2. The 44 Kid | 50-Tooth Slim
  3. Candle-Eyed Sally | Big Eyed Al
  4. Blackjack Ruby | Battling Joe Frickinfrack
  5. Jeremiah Tip Top | Peoria Johnson
  6. Dudlow Joe | Jack Skunk
  7. Whitfield Faraday | Nick Nolte
  8. Jockey La Fayette | Cambridge Massachusetts Claude
  9. Salty Salty Friday | Skullion Childs
  10. Satchel Puddin’ | Baked Salmon Salad Finn
  11. Lord God Mose | Fourteen-Bindlestick Frank
  12. Nimrod Cain | Pickled-Noggin Nettles
  13. Birdy Joe Hoaks | Nichols Cracksknuckle
  14. Ironbelly Norton | Scarface Ron
  15. William the Pleaser | Smokehouse “Frankie” Jowl-Poker
  16. Buzz Fledderjohn | Waspwaist Fritz
  17. Louie Lista | Gin-Bucket Greg
  18. Huckle Smothered | Humpty Jackson
  19. Oklahoma Stilgar | Paul Body
  20. Gyp the Blood | Rumpshaker Phil

Good luck. You can leave your answers or questions in the comments (no peaking at others answers before you complete the test!). If you do not get 100% of these correct, study up and take the test again. These are important matters, which, someday, you’ll thank me for reinforcing.


Here’s an audio version of the “700 Hobo Names,” read by the author (and linked to from his web site), for anyone unfamiliar with them: