Real Men Also Crochet

Apropos of my review of Real Men Knit, check out ESPN Gameday’s profile of Boise State football’s Ian Johnson:

What a refreshing, positive gender image. This guy is the real deal. He’s got talent and heart both on the field and with his hooks, and he’s equally comfortable with himself for exercising each skill.

NCAA rules prohibit him from advertising, but he can sell his beanies to anyone who contacts him via word of mouth. Anyone have his contact information?

UPDATE: A couple people wrote to let me know that the NCAA has stepped in to prohibit Johnson from selling any of his crocheted goods at all. Check out this very disheartening snip from this article:

And just in case the young man’s spirits weren’t low enough, the NCAA decided to stop in and take away his main source of income, which happens to be crocheting hats and scarves. And not only can he not make any money from them, he can’t give them to charity, either. The NCAA has a star running back on their hands who is able to crochet, and willing to give hats and scarves to charities, and they’ve stepped in to stop the practice. I think they should have commissioned him to crochet Boise State’s uniforms for next year.