Bazaar Bizarre Boston

The Boston Bazaar Bizarre was pretty crazy. My scheduled partner, as it turns out, needed to stay home with our sick child (he’s fine), so I braved the booth on my own. That means I didn’t really get to see much of the rest of the show, but things looked pretty happenin’ from where I sat. Here’s a pic of me before the pandemonium began:

Craft Booth at Bazaar Bizarre Boston (by Brian Sawyer)

And here’s a view from my booth while the show was in full swing:

View From the Booth (by Brian Sawyer)

Customers Line Up (by ann-dabney)I left the booth only twice: once to run to the bathroom and once to grab a quick bite to eat (which I scarfed back at the booth). When I ran across the street at 2:00 for my slices of pizza, I finally saw the line stretching around the block, where it remained almost all day. Thankfully, the organizers were limiting the number of people in the Cyclorama at one time (though it was still packed), and people waited in line up to an hour to get in (lucky it was a beautiful day). I’d love to see a final head count for attendance. (UPDATE: estimate is close to 4,000, making it the largest turnout in BazBiz history.)

Skeintily Clad's Booth (by Brian Sawyer)Though I didn’t get out much to see the many cool wares being peddled by many cool crafters, I did get to meet some great people and soak in some good love for both Craft and Make. Some of the love even rubbed off on me personally. Last week, I blogged about how much I regretted not picking up one of Skeintily Clad‘s Learn to Spin Kits at Craftland. That post, and our correspondence that followed (check out her notes on this photo), scored me a personal visit to my booth by Dharia, who gave me one gratis (and even in colors I would have picked myself):

Skeintily Clad's

Can’t wait to put the kit to use over the holidays!

UPDATE: Check out Natalie’s write-up of the LA Bazaar Bizarre for the Craft Blog, as well as her Flickr photoset of the event.