Cousins, a Quilted Photo

Based on a photograph she took of my son and his cousin this past August at the Richmond Metro Zoo, my mother created this quilted work of art, as beautiful as it is touching:

Cousins (by Brian Sawyer)

And the back is almost just as beautiful:

Cousins, Back (by Brian Sawyer)

Not knowing the process very well myself, I’ll let her describe the details:

Machine applique, fabric painting on cotton, and photo-transfer using Printed Treasures’ cotton fabric sheets; machine quilted with Mountain Mist White Rose cotton batting and Mettler 50/3 cotton threads … lots of threads!

Here are a few close-ups, to give you an idea of the intricacy of the piece:

Cousins, Detail (by Brian Sawyer) Cousins, Detail (by Brian Sawyer)Cousins, Detail (by Brian Sawyer)Cousins, Detail (by Brian Sawyer)Cousins, Detail (by Brian Sawyer)

Thanks, Mom. I love this in too many ways to enumerate.