The Camera Is Dead; Long Live the Camera!

My faithful photoblogging companion recenty met its maker, and I’d like to take a brief moment to mourn its loss. Here is one of the last pictures taken with it:

Sampling (by Brian Sawyer)

Soon after this picture was taken, my steadfast shooter encountered its untimely demise in the form of a freak apple-picking accident that left its zoom button frozen in action, disabling the camera’s photo-taking abilities.

Here’s the first picture taken with the new camera, which I expect will perform at the same level and frequency as its predecessor, which now, finally, and for the last time, gets to be seen on these pages in all its aged (not quite two years old) glory:

The Camera Is Dead (by Brian Sawyer)

And here are the stats on its replacement:

Long Live the Camera (by Brian Sawyer)

I just hope it will prove more durable against falling fruit.