CoverFlow in Action

Months ago, I gushed about CoverFlow, the slick visual interface to iTunes cover artwork, but it’s really more impressive to see it in action. Back then, I had no way of really showing how it works (aside from the still images in my original post), but the following quick demonstration is brought to you by the new iShowU app:

If you’re a music-loving iTunes user running Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger), I hope this brief video has convinced you to get CoverFlow:

UPDATE: Please note that the interface scrolls much more smoothly than this. The hitches and poor resolution of the video is the fault of YouTube conversion, not iShowYou or CoverFlow itself. For a frame of reference, here’s what it looks like when played in QuickTime on my desktop (still screenshot only):

CoverFlow Demo

This difference is quite disappointing, actually, since I’m generally a fan of YouTube. Still, it doesn’t look much better than the alternative:

I guess if you really want high-resolution screencasts, you can’t get around hosting the videos yourself, which I just don’t care enough to do for this demo. Hopefully, you get the idea enough to try CoverFlow for yourself.