My Knitting Recipe

I recently joined a fun new Flickr group called Knit Recipes, which its founder describes as:

A group for knitters to use to show off the process of creating a knitted object. The basics are simple: for each project you knit, post only ONE photo to the group pool. That photo should be of the completed project. In the description of that photo, put a link to the photoset that contains the in-progress photos of that project.

Here’s the first recipe I’ve posted to the group pool:

Aran Cable Pullover Progress on Cables The Front Front and Back Front, Back, and One Sleeve Down Front, Back, and Sleeves Collar Shoulder My First Button Holes Sleeves On Doggie Buttons Doggie Buttons Finished! Finished!
And here’s the happy recipient on Christmas 2005:

New Sweater
Glad I documented that project so thoroughly! I’ll try do the same for the one I’ve just started:

Gauging My Next Project Progress
But this one’s going a little slower, so, while I’ll post updates when I have them, I can’t promise the complete recipe for a while!