Almost Religious in My Obsession

The Burning HellI first became enthralled by religious propaganda during my high school years, when attending a Pro Choice rally in Houston, TX. A woman walked carefully through the crowd, making eye contact with me from across the crowded demonstration area. When she reached me, she reached out to grab my hand, into which she thrust a photocopied (a photocopy of a photocopy of a photocopy, by the look of it) Love Letter From Jesus, saying, “This is for you.”

Of all the souls in dire need of saving on that day, she picked me out as special. “What a personal touch,” I thought, and I became fascinated with the whole world that surrounds these religious tracts, from conception and design, to printing and distribution methods.

Since that day, my collection has grown, piece by piece, as I’ve discovered new items, either directly handed to me or left on the ground.

So, for whatever reason, do you share my obsession for collecting religious tracts? Or perhaps you simply have a passing interest or curiosity in printed fear-mongering propaganda, similar to those who are fascinated by train wrecks? In either case, please feel free share your choice finds in the Flickr group I’ve set up. I’d love to hear people’s stories as well as see their photos.