Flickr, Yahoo! 360&deg, Here, There, and Everywhere

I realize that I haven’t been posting here very frequently lately, but if a picture is worth more than a few words, then I’ve been writing a whole mess of stuff over at my Flickr account. It’s so much quicker and easier to post a photo than write a blog entry, so lately, when I’ve been swamped (which has been more often than not), I’ve decided to let the photos speak for me.

Now, to add to the mix and confuse things even more, I’ve started to take my brand-new Yahoo! 360° page for a test ride. (The service just opened up to beta testers and is still by invitation only. Let me know if you want an invite). Yahoo! 360° (please note that a degree symbol is required after “360,” which is quite annoying for someone with HTML skills as rudimentary as mine [Update: degree symbol supplied by a kind reader. Thanks, Karen!]) is, of course, Yahoo!’s highly anticipated and much ballyhooed new blogging tool cum social networking site, photo sharing service, etc., etc.

Keeping in mind my work blog, I realize I’ve spread myself pretty thin. With the notable exception of Flickr, since I can’t even manage to keep one of these blogs current, I’m not sure yet how to best centralize all this stuff, so that people who care to keep current with me can go to just one place. Yahoo! 360° seems pretty ambitious in its attempt to become a sort of one ring to rule them all, and it does look pretty spiffy, but we’ll see how it all works out.

Till I’ve figured this all out, look for continuing updates (with greater or lesser frequency, depending on an increasingly complex nest of issues) here, here, here, or here.