Cross-Section of U.S. Gas Prices over Memorial Day Weekend

All prices are for regular unleaded.

Santa Rosa, California: $2.299
Fernley, Nevada: $2.199
Winnemucca, Nevada: $2.169

Wendover, Nevada: $2.279
Lyman, Wyoming: $1.839
Cheyenne, Wyoming: $1.899

Lexington, Nebraska: $2.159
??, Iowa: $2.079
??, Illinois: $1.999
??, Indiana: $1.999

West Unity, Ohio: $1.979
Fredonia, New York: $2.119
Little Falls, New York: $2.149

If it looks like I filled up often, it’s only because I wanted to make sure I didn’t run out of gas out in the boonies. I actually made pretty good gas mileage: an average of 35.5 mpg for the whole trip.