Car for Sale

Wanna buy a car? While I’ve found that two cars are necessary for two people to get around in California, I remember that a single car is barely necessary in Boston. So, I’ll soon find myself with at least one car too many, and I’m not driving two cars across the country.

Is anyone in the north bay (I’m in Santa Rosa, about 50 miles north of San Francisco) interested in (or know someone who is in the market for) a 1994 Saturn SL1? It’s an automatic, gold four-door with ~84,000 miles on it. It is in good condition, runs well, has new brakes and a new muffler, and has never had any serious problems. Its only liability is its lack of A/C, but the windows work just fine. 🙂

Kelley Blue Book values it at $2,345; I’m asking $2,200.

This picture is not actually of my car, but my car looks just like this (real photos available upon request; I just have yet to get outside with my camera):

In the interest of full disclosure, I found this photo (via Google) at J’s Cars, where the comparable car has over 50,000 more miles on it and is being offered for almost $300 more.

Any takers? Thanks for your time. Feel free to forward this post to anyone you know who might be interested.