H.A. McBride, Professional Editor

Okay, so everyone’s talking about Intimacies, “the earnest new ‘novel’ [that] is drawing notice more for its style than for its content”:

The story unfolds through e-mail messages, instant-message conversations and Web sites, all within a window generated by the DEN software; the program can be downloaded free from Mr. Brown’s Web site, http://www.greatamericannovel.com. … But more intriguing than “Intimacies” itself is Mr. Brown’s plan to begin selling a version of the software that he used to write it, one that will help fans of the form execute their own digital epistolary novels.

Without getting into any prejudice I might have against the form of this new “novel” (which, frankly, kind of makes my skin crawl; clicking through screens to watch a story unfold via emails seems more like work to me than reading), even more intriguing, to me, is the blurb offered on the front page of the author’s site (once you get by the annoying Flash bit). It’s perhaps the most convincing endorsement I’ve ever seen for a piece of literature, in any medium:

“A short, fast, entertaining ‘read’ in a new format for our new age!”
H.A. McBride, Professional editor

Who is this guy? What, exactly, does he edit professionally, and where does do it? It’s a genuine mystery. “Respect my opinion. I’m H. A. McBride, professional editor. Here’s my card.” A Google search for “H.A. McBride” editor offers no insight.