Travelers’ Tales Book Reading

If you’re anywhere near Corte Madera, CA, this evening, you might want to head on by Book Passage to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of Travelers’ Tales. Tim O’Reilly, whose publishing vision, as I’ve recently pointed out, extends beyond computer books, provides some details in his blog:

To my audience here at, I’m best known as a technology publisher and activist. But as some of you know, I’m also the co-founder of an award-winning travel book publishing company, Travelers Tales. The books we publish are a departure from the normal style of travel guides. Instead, we try to give you a sense of a destination by sharing the true stories of people who’ve been there. As one early reader remarked, “I feel like I’ve already been there, and now I’m ready for my second trip.”

In addition to hearing Tim read his own story, “Walking the Kerry Way” (I can’t help but feel that this title is appropriately timed), you’ll also hear from Simon Winchester, who wrote the introduction to The Best Travelers’ Tales 2004.