Geocentrism: California Versus Texas

As someone who’s lived in both states, I’m equally amused by the recent riffs on A Californian’s Conception of the Continental United States and A Texan’s Conception of the Continental United States.

Each of these links has a map of the Continental U.S. (to scale, according to Californian and Texan perspectives), with an informative legend. As a teaser, here’s what Californians think about Texas:

If you’re from Northern California, it’s known as “That Bastard of a President’s Ranch.” If you’re from Southern California, it’s called “The Alamo.”

And here’s what Texans think about both states:

  • Texas is the largest state and is shown in proportion to the other states. Some people say Alaska is bigger, but Alaska is part of Russia, so it doesn’t count.
  • This is the state of California. It’s filled with hippies who don’t believe in God. It’s also where movies and TV shows are made. This is why the governor has to be a famous actor.