Meet Joe Moser

In an effort to add a little more life and a few more posts to this humble corner of the blogosphere, I’ve invited my friend Joe Moser to offer periodic musings on any of the many topics on which he knows way too much to keep to himself. These topics include, but are not limited to, cinematic ephemera, eclectic musical trivia, and learned literary commentary and criticism. Though Joe’s modesty would naturally prohibit him from mentioning any of these areas of expertise as such, I did ask him to provide a brief bio of himself for his future readers’ edification. Here’s what he was willing to disclose:

Joe Moser combines the roominess of a family sedan with the functionality of a full-size truck and the attitude of a sports car. Adaptable to a range of climates, his diet consists mainly of legumes and rendered animal wastes. Though raised the adopted child of Romani immigrants (don’t call them gypsies!) in a lively, if poor, household, he was a joyless, recalcitrant child, often scorning traditional festivities to withdraw into his small covey, dress in an old smoking jacket and read Nietzsche. Later, while attending junior college in upstate North Dakota, he invented sticky notes and wrote a sequel to Mein Kampf entitled Mein Fuss es Kaputt. Always entrepreneurial, his latest scheme–to vacuum pack Christmas spirit and sell it on the open market–proved a colossal failure. He believes you to be a gentle(-man/woman) and a scholar, no matter what everyone else says.

It should be noted that Joe, himself, is a gentleman and a scholar, no matter what everyone else says. Look for his first installment at this site early next week.