No Olive Oil Here

It has been brought to my attention that my web site might be confused with this one, an oversight which I deeply regret. If you Googled “The Olive Press” and have now come here looking for olive oil, you’ll surely be disappointed to find only knitting projects, bookbinding crafts, soccer standings, reading lists, and idle chatter on vaguely literary topics. I have no olive oil to offer, award-winning or otherwise.

Unfortunately, it seems that my use of the name “The Olive Press” infringes upon the trademarked name of a company. And, though I doubt a case could be made that this confusion could result in either monetary gain for myself or financial loss to the trademark holder, it seems that this is a problem that will not go away. I have tried to settle this conflict in what I see as a reasonable manner, by linking to the trademark holder’s web site, so that misled web surfers can find their precious olive oil. As it turns out, this proposal is not acceptable, and the trademark holder will accept nothing less than an immediate name change for this web site.

I happen to find this legal threat particularly ludicrous, but I welcome all perspectives. So, I will post my complete side of this correspondence (scroll down; I’ll post my emails according to the dates on which I actually sent them) and solicit any comments that anyone might have.

Oh yeah, while I’m at it, I should also point out that I am not any of the following: