Coming Soon: The Grape Press

I’m working on a sister site for The Olive Press. The primary reason for beginning this new site is to revive a bit of my intellectual curiosity and perhaps spark some dialogue with others who are interested in doing the same. While I record daily thoughts here, the spinoff will be updated less regularly.

To get this venture started, the initial posts, which will be quite long, will be serial installments of essays I’ve written (in what now seems like another lifetime) on a variety of philosophical topics. I’ll probably slip in a short notification on this site whenever I add content to the new one. As the site matures (see how optimistic I am?), I might rethink or expand the format to include links to other, perhaps more challenging, content. Who knows, I might even solicit original content from others or write some new content myself. We’ll see how it goes.

Since I’ve already used The Olive Press (based on Aristotle’s anecdote in The Politics), I’m naming the new site The Grape Press. Why? According to Wikipedia, “Other versions [of the story] say [Thales] bought the wine presses, rather than the olive presses.” (Perhaps you’re wondering why I’m not calling it The Wine Press, then. I just think that grape maintains a more graceful symmetry with olive.)