Though to me Christmas feels like something in the distant future, I guess it’s approaching more rapidly than I give it credit for, because I’ve already been asked for gift ideas from a few interested parties. Since explicitly asking for gifts has always made me uncomfortable (even answering a direct question regarding my desires is difficult), I’ve decided to do something I haven’t done since I was a kid: I’ve created a wish list.

This was actually pretty fun, once I got into the spirit of it. I figured if I just posted it here, where hardly anyone ever looks, I might avoid some of the awkwardness of the enterprise. At any rate, if anyone is interested, I’ve made it easy. Just scroll down the sidebar on the right side of this page and look under the new “Wanting” heading. There you’ll find my Amazon.com Wish List (in no particular order) and a few things that Amazon.com doesn’t sell (or that they do sell, but that can be found at a lower price and/or more timely delivery at the link I provide).

For those of you who have no reason or desire to give me a gift, simply consider this list as another window into my personality, just like the contents of the other headings in the sidebar.