A Little Tip from Me

Perhaps today I’m just a little lonely or more than just a little jealous of Kristina, who’s visiting Cambridge this week, but I can’t get a song by Woody Guthrie out of my head:

Well, thousands of folks back east they say
Are leavin’ home most everyday
They’re beatin’ the hot ole dusty way
To the California line

If you ain’t got that Do Re Mi, boys
If you ain’t got that Do Re Mi
Oh, you better go back to beautiful Texas
Oklahoma, Georgia, Kansas, Tennessee
California is a garden of Eden
It’s a paradise to live in or see
Believe it or not you won’t find it so hot
If you ain’t got that Do Re Mi

Not that Massachusetts is (or ever was) exactly a dust bowl, but I think it’s still worth pointing out that California isn’t necessarily always a sugar bowl either.