I’ve Been Blogged

I’ve just discovered that Prints the Chaff, Tom Mangan’s blog for newspaper editors, has mentioned yours truly:

Brian Sawyer’s a book editor whose blog’s called the Olive Press. He lives up the road in the Wine Country and writes about a lot of books folks like us would be reading if we weren’t, well, squandering our precious time reading people’s blogs, so he gets a link in the Editors’ Blogs area.

I’m touched that my status as a copyeditor has gotten me a mention on his site, especially since I don’t write about copyediting very often. I can only assume that he saw a comment I made at Stylin’ and Smilin’, another copyeditor’s blog. Both of these sites should be of interest to anyone with an interest in language and perhaps just a bit of sprachgefuhl.

In just the second post of a brand-new blog, LiteraryPundit has blogged Tom’s post regarding my blog. Word just might get around …